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Irene Lummertz, Brazilian Beauty in a Jewelry Boutique

Irene Lummertz

In a world of mass production and market saturation, finding a diamond in the rough is, well, like finding a diamond in the rough! But just within the walls of the Esplanade shopping center, you will discover a gem of a jewelry boutique. Rarity and purity are two promised qualities you will encounter in the jewelry display cabinets of Irene Lummertz.

In the commercial rush to introduce the shiniest thing to the market, novelty is sold as beauty. The market prioritizes manufacturing a kind of beauty rather than discovering beauty itself. Not so for Irene Lummertz. Each of her pieces are truly organic, never heated or treated.

Lummertz grew up in Brazil, surrounded by beauty. Recognizing an eye and talent for cultivating taste, her father, a gemologist, started giving her stones which she began designing with. When working at a high-end antique store in D.C., her self-made jewelry began catching the eyes of the clientele. Bold, colorful and pristine, her pieces possessed a unique and unattainable quality — a must have for those whose style demands exclusivity.

From concept to creation, Lummertz, herself, ensures the quality control. Sketching a design leads to a trip to Brazilian mines where Lummertz stands behind a rock wall as dynamite reveals embers of sparkling gemstones. Irene Lummertz pieces are mounted upon prongs of originality and craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade in Brazil.

Unmistakable in its style, the touch of exotic drama and saturation of color Irene Lummertz jewelry possesses will most definitely catch your eye. The perfect statement piece for any outfit!

Next time you’re strolling through Esplanade’s jewelry box of luxury designer stores, a stop by Irene Lummertz is a must!

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