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Palm Beach Icon: The Chesterfield Hotel

Fun places and hotels can be easy to find when you’re traveling. What’s not as common is finding a place that transports you to another time, casting you as one of the characters in its setting. But that’s JUST how I felt when I was fortunate to be able to stay at The Chesterfield Palm Beach Hotel.

The hotel was originally named The Lido-Venice, which answers why I felt like I was actually somewhere in Italy. Built in 1926, The Chesterfield still possesses that old-world charm and luxury that only the roaring 20s could have produced. I always say the difference between moderate and luxury is in the details, and The Chesterfield was ALL ABOUT the details! There is such a lavishness to the whole experience, from the interior to the exterior. The lobby hall shares the same Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper that was made iconic as a design motif when it was first revealed in the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1942.

The plush coral red and cream sofas, the art deco service trays, the retro telephones. Everything was perfectly tailored and landscaped. The poolside landscape was so lush and tropical, lined with mosaic tiling. …. No stone was left unturned in making this hotel hold on to the old-world charm that will forever be timeless! The aroma of Hollywood glamour still lingers in the halls at The Chesterfield, a certain Marilynesque feel about the place.

Nestled right in the residential area of Worth Avenue, there’s a certain intimacy and privacy that comes along with staying at The Chesterfield. The food was phenomenal. The staff was SO gracious! I should’ve known, driving up to the light pink hotel, that this was a match made in Florida’s paradise!

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