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A former Canadian Salon chain since 1990, we became snow birds and fell in love with Florida and Palm Beach. We began servicing Palm Beach's vibrant community in 2017, and offer year round with attention to detail and a love for exceptional Guest service. In 2019 we were proudly honored with the Palm Beach Salon of the Year Award, and were so thankful and proud for the community support through the COVID-19 pandemic that has allowed us to receive the award a second time in 2020!

Please note that we have moved from our location on Hibiscus Ave and are now in The Esplanade on Worth Avenue. This new location allows us to accommodate appointments with the highest level of service, privacy if required, as well as comply with local and state social distancing and capacity guidelines. 

We are excited to partner and collaborate with both The Esplanade, as well as our retail neighbors to offer luxury service and shopping, in a prime location with complimentary valet parking! While observing restrictions we plan to maintain our level of service, quality of work and of course great beauty services for you at the new location. We appreciate the support that you have shown us in advance this year and we look forward to seeing you in our new location!

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