March 26, 2018

Esplanade: Stepping Out In Style: The Shoe Guide   

This Spring, let’s elevate your fashion to new heights — heel heights, that is! The runways have been full of fabulous footwear this season and I can’t wait to shop them all at my next visit to the Esplanade!

Admittedly though, browsing through the most recent runway shows is comparable to strolling through the Tower of London. Bedazzled shoes as ornate as the crown jewels are perhaps best left on the runway than the streets. (These Dolce & Gabanna (insert link) Mary Jane Pumps I saw at Saks Fifth Avenue come to mind!)

In that same stride, though, w...

March 20, 2018

I like to feel and look my best always, but especially when traveling. Unfortunately, time spent up in the air presents a direct challenge to this simple preference of mine. 

First impressions matter! Typically, I book a flight to either meet with a client, visit with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while or vacation with my husband. Somehow my contoured cheeks and rouged lips, perfectly applied prior to boarding, disappear. Upon deplaning my face has lost any sort of glow and instead appears dull, sometimes even with an unwelcome blemish or two.

Determined to rise above, I’ve ascended to discover what...

March 12, 2018

Fun places and hotels can be easy to find when you’re traveling. What’s not as common is finding a place that transports you to another time, casting you as one of the characters in its setting. But that’s JUST how I felt when I was fortunate to be able to stay at The Chesterfield Palm Beach Hotel.

The hotel was originally named The Lido-Venice, which answers why I felt like I was actually somewhere in Italy. Built in 1926, The Chesterfield still possesses that old-world charm and luxury that only the roaring 20s could have produced. I always say the difference between moderate and luxury is in the deta...

March 8, 2018

Lifestyle is tied to destination.

As your fashion, beauty and lifestyle specialist at the Esplanade I’ve learned that one’s lifestyle is anchored by their surroundings. 

In several of his paintings, Renoir captured a way of life by the sea. Leisure, coupled with luxury was the lifestyle that manifested as La Belle Époque. A time where a stroll down the breezy promenade was an avenue to see and be seen.We believe you will experience all of this and more at the Esplanade.

In his photo album, A Wonderful Time, there wasn’t a movie star, a member of the Social Register, or a titled European who escaped famed...

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